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Anoop Odedra
April 18, 2019

Introducing the NHS Data Academy

In this series we have already seen what makes a good Health Informatician and looking at the challenge of recruiting good Health Informaticians to the NHS. At Promatix, both myself and Chris have encountered these issues first hand and we want to help. 


The big conundrum we have found is how can NHS organisations find quality data analysts and health informaticians who have a solid technical background and exposure to real NHS culture and experiences?

From the first post in this series (found here) there are a set of core skills required to make a really good health informatician including:

  • Maths
  • Computers and Software
  • Soft Skills
  • Data Communication
  • Passion
  • Experience

Some of these skills are part of people's character. We internally at Promatix look for these attributes on a day to day basis. But some are really hard to come by, and when you find that golden nugget of an analyst who has it all, they are snapped up quickly or they go elsewhere for more money as explained in our second blog in this series (found here). 


So how can we help?


Chris and myself have come up with a 12 month immersive training program to take graduates who have the mathematical knowledge, the passion and some of the soft skills required to be a great analyst and add the software knowledge, the data communication approach and a rounded experience in a variety of organisations to fast-track towards a health informatician by NHS organisations around the country would be interested in recruiting.


At Promatix BI, we have a proven track record of taking a graduate and giving them the training and coaching to become great Data Visualisation Consultants. As part of the NHS Data Academy we would use this proven method and apply it to graduates so that they become well versed in some key tools and software required to be a great NHS analyst such as:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Basic & Advanced SQL
  • Tableau Prep
  • Tableau Desktop (Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced and Visual Analytics)
  • Tableau Server interface

clipart426438  tableau_plus-1


So we have ticked off Maths, Computers and Software, Data Communication, and Passion from our list, in the next post, find out about how we add experience and soft skills, and how NHS organisations can become part of this process to improve and grow their Health Informatics teams with quality analysts.


If you would like some help in forming your Health Informatics team or Strategy, contact us today!

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