Digital Consultancy

 "In the digital age of 'overnight' success stories such as Facebook, the hard slog is easily overlooked."

James Dyson

Moving a business into the digital age should be straight forward; at least that's the point of going digital - to simplify.

Be it moving in-house functions into the cloud or giving your customers a digital interface into your business (and potentially joining the two up seamlessly,) Promatix can help you on your way.

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Digital Strategy


Promatix have a wealth of experience both authoring and auditing Digital Strategies. With particular experience in public sector and healthcare organisations we have written strategies in the most complex of security and governance environments.

Moving into the Cloud


If you think you want to move into the cloud, let us work with you to develop your cloud strategy development and define your requirements. We will review available technologies and design the migration process to the solution that offers the best fit to your needs. We deliberately do not have any commercial partnerships with any cloud business solution vendors and as such will be completely impartial when reviewing options.