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Learn to see and understand your data with Tableau. Whether you are new to Tableau or a seasoned user wanting to prepare for certifcation exams, we have a training course for you. We offer bespoke business intelligence training using your own data so you not only see what Tableau can do, but you can ask and answer your real business questions while learning. Let one of our certified Tableau experts kick start your Tableau journey today!
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Be up and running with Tableau in days, not weeks

Tableau is an intuitive and simple tool to learn. Our bespoke basic & advanced Tableau training course covers everything from connecting to data, through to creating beautiful working dashboards with a range of visualisations, all in two days! Having a quick turnaround from installing Tableau, being able to use it, to getting insight and real actionable information, means that you get a swift return on your investment.

This accelerated launch is key to getting engagment from within your organisation so everyone almost immediately can see and feel the impact of the data and insights you create.

In line with our mission statement, we want to empower and help people to see and understand their data. Our certified Tableau experts cover all of the functionality knowledge you would expect, and are flexible to focus on what you need. Through our training programme, you will learn the skills to create beautiful visualisations, to ask and answer questions of your data, and learn lots about best practices and dashboard design along the way.

The courses we offer are tailored to suit your needs, and we encourage the use of your own data to learn with. This hugely speeds up the learning process as you are already familiar with field names & terminology.


Promatix’ Tableau training sessions have been informative, friendly and focused and have given us the knowledge and skills we needed to fully realise the potential of our data. We are now able to ask more sophisticated questions, present information in more engaging and meaningful ways, and gain better insights that have helped us and the local communities we work with.

- Best Beginnings